• Vegan Friendly

  • 100% Natural

  • Sugar Free

Featured Collection

  • HapHug Freeze Dried Single Pack

    HapHug Single Pack

    Snack cravings got you hangry? HapHug Freeze-Dried Fruit Single Packs to the rescue! Pack your backpack, gym bag, or desk with these bite-sized bursts of sunshine - 100% natural, vegan, and zero sugar. Guilt-free snacking anywhere, anytime!
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  • HapHug Freeze Dried Triple Pack

    HapHug Triple Pack

    Share the fruit-tastic love with HapHug Freeze-Dried Fruit Triple Packs! Triple the snacking, triple the smiles. All natural, vegan, and zero sugar pack your school bag, gym kit, or lunchbox with sunshine power!

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  • HapHug Freeze Dried 10 Pack

    HapHug 10 Pack

    Snack attack got you down? HapHug Freeze-Dried Fruit 10-Packs to the rescue! Stock your pantry with 10 mini bursts of fruit power, all natural, vegan, and zero sugar. Fuel your gym flow, office grind, or schoolyard sprint these babies go anywhere, anytime!
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  • HapHug Freeze Dried Mix Pack

    HapHug Mix Pack

    HapHug Mix Packs! Ditch boring, embrace flavor explosions! Tropical twirls, tangy delights, winter sunshine - all in natural, vegan, sugar-free packs. Fuel your day, anywhere, anytime! Unlock a Rainbow of Flavors
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Who Are We?

We gather fresh and natural fruits harvested in season, use Freeze Dry Technology to preserve their nutritional values by 97%, and offer healthy snacks.

Our products are completely natural, additive-free, and without added sugars, ensuring a long shelf life due to low moisture content.

On this journey with the motto "Embrace Life" we continue to share the message that hugging oneself is good for health.

HapHug's Recipes

HapHug Apricot Smoothie Recipe

Apricot Smoothie

This HapHug Apricot Smoothie is an energy-boosting delight, perfect for a quick, nutritious refreshment. Enjoy the creamy blend of kefir... Read more

HapHug is with you in every moment of life! 🧑

Whether you're sweating it out in the gym, working hard at the office, enjoying peaceful moments on vacation, savoring nature on a walk, enhancing the taste of your desserts, or sipping your cocktails with delight. Wherever you are, whatever you do, HapHug is with you!

HapHug Freeze Dried Yellow Pack

HapHug's Shades of Yellow Pack

β˜€οΈ Tropical sunshine in a snack! Freeze-dried pineapple, banana and apricot. Sweet & light travel treats.