What is Freeze-Dried Technology?

We produce in our state-of-the-art facility via employing a unique and innovative technology which is called freezedrying. Fundamental principles in freeze-drying comes from the sublimation process. Sublimation is a phase transition process from a solid to a gas without ever entering an intermediate liquid phase.

In our freeze dryers, moisture is removed from the product
up to 99% under low vacuum and low temperature. Vacuum environment that is created by our freeze dryers to lower the air pressure in their chambers and initiates the phase change of water from ice crystals to gaseous without melting which has a significant impact to prevent the mushy and shrivelled appearance in finished products. That is why freeze-dried products still looks like a fresh product, instead of a mushy shape.

Since vacuum makes sublimation possible under low temperature, freeze-dried products preserve its shape, aroma, flavour, colour, vitamin retention and nutrient content. Thus, freeze-drying is known as the best drying technique for heat-sensitive foods.

HapHug Freeze Dried Orange

The Unique Benefits of Freeze-Dried Fruits

Our HapHug Freeze Dried Fruits are not just tasty; they're
packed with benefits:


  • No Additives, 100% Natural: We believe in the purity of
    nature, which is why our fruits are free from additives. What you get is the
    fruit and nothing but the fruit.
  • Nutritional Powerhouse: Packed with vitamins and minerals,
    our freeze-dried fruits maintain an excellent nutrition profile, similar to
    their fresh counterparts.
  • Extended Shelf Life: Thanks to the removal of moisture, our
    fruits enjoy a long shelf life without the need for preservatives.
  • Convenience at Its Best: Lightweight and non-perishable, our
    fruits are perfect for on-the-go snacks, emergency food supplies, or just a
    quick, healthy bite.
  • Crunchy Texture: One bite and you'll love the unique,
    satisfying crunch that comes with each piece of our freeze-dried fruit.

HapHug's Natural and Healthy Promise

At HapHug, we don't just create snacks; we craft experiences. Our freeze-dried fruits stand out not only for their taste but also for their commitment to quality and health:

  • Vegan-Friendly Delight: Every packet of HapHug Freeze Dried
    Fruits is a testament to our commitment to ethical and sustainable choices.
    Vegan friends, rejoice – these treats are made for you!
  • No Added Sugar, Purely Natural: We let nature's sweetness
    shine through. Our fruits are free from added sugars, offering you the pure,
    unadulterated taste of your favorite fruits.
  • A Commitment to Natural Goodness: Our process ensures that
    the natural taste, aroma, and nutritional value of the fruit are preserved,
    offering you a wholesome and healthy snack option.

Whether you're looking for a nutritious snack or a natural sweetener for your meals, HapHug's range of freeze-dried fruits has got you covered.

Versatile Uses in Everyday Life

The beauty of HapHug Freeze Dried Fruits lies in their
versatility. Here's how you can incorporate them into your daily diet:

  • Breakfast Reinvented: Sprinkle over cereals or stir into yogurt for a nutritious start to your day.
  • Snack Time Revolution: Perfect for muesli bars and healthy snacks, they’re an excellent pick-me-up during your busy day.
  • Gourmet Touch to Chocolates and Pastries: Infuse a splash of natural color and elevate your baking and confectionery creations with the vibrant hues, natural sweetness, and crunch of our fruits.
  • Innovative Baby Food: Safe, nutritious, and tasty – a great way to introduce natural fruits into your baby's diet.
  • Convenience Foods and Ice Creams: Add a burst of flavor and texture to your ice creams and convenience foods with our easy-to-use, delicious fruits.

With HapHug Freeze Dried Fruits, the possibilities are endless. Get creative and let your culinary imagination soar!

What is Difference Conventional Drying & Freeze Drying

  • Conventional Drying


    • Requires a fair amount of preservatives to keep them fresh.


    • Lose nutritional content due to the use of heat in the processes

    Fresh Form

    • The heating process destroys flavor,shape and colour.

    Shelf Life

    • Higher moisture content extends shelf life up to 2 years.


    • Tends to be chewy and hard on the outside because it still retains much of its water content.

  • HapHug Freeze Dried Banana

    Freeze - Drying


    • No need to add in additives to preserve the food due to very low moisture ratio


    • Retains 97% of its original nutrition.

    Fresh Form

    • Low heating and freezing process preserves flavor, shape and colour.

    Shelf Life

    • Very low moisture content extends shelf life up to 20 years.


    • Crunchier texture